Friday, December 5, 2008

Adirondack Dress in Autumn

In autumn

The edges of her skirt are still
The brightest. The two of them.

The edge wrapping her uterus
Over the two horns of her hips
.......Wide, Stable, Circles......
where she sits. The folds of the
fabric, dress earth in its colors.

Oranges... embracing daughters.
Yellows.. run after one another.
Reds... the passionate pink blush.

The far edges of color
Wrapping and sweeping ,
The earth with her dress.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Morning practice in Denver CO.

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Acupuncture and the Natural Envirionment

There is a connection between the way Chinese Medicine view the working of the human body and the way that the earth works. I do not understand this on a global scale, but on a continental/national level I believe I am on to something. The Chinese say that each organ (as each organ is seen by Chinese medicine) relates to a specific regional geography. So, the Spleen is like a desert, the Liver is like a forest, the Kidneys are like the oceans, the Lungs like the clouds, and Heart like a Temple or like the Sun/Fire. Why not the other way around that the geographic areas of the United States function like organs for our little island (called Turtle Island by those who were originally native to this place).

Just briefly lets go through each of these regions and their functionality as it relates to Chinese organ systems.

The Spleen is said to be like a Desert and to have these functions; It ascends Qi and needs dryness in order to function. The Spleen is also said to be in charge of transporting and transforming nutrients. The desert is warmer then other regions and is dry, this gives it a lifting function to the wind which allows it to transport weather, as well as lifting water and transporting water that is deep within the earth surface. Spiritually it has a similar function.. sages from ancient times have gone to the desert in search of transformation. The Spleen is also related to the earth and to the Center. The Hopi have for a long time considered the American desert of the west to be the center of the earth.

The Kidney are said to govern water, and to be like an ocean, they are also said to control the gateway of fire (ming men). I think for our little island this means the shore line of America in particular the Eastern shore for the Kidney yin and the western shoreline for the kidney yang. It is only the shoreline and a little ways out because like with people who carry the ocean internally (through the kidneys and salty environment that they maintain) Turtle island does a similar thing but via the shore line. What happens at the shore line. Ocean waves and tides. These tides travel up rivers and into coves where water a salt water balance is maintained... this seems very similar to the action of renal tubules. What of the Ming men fire, well this is attributed to the right kidney which is the western kidney (all the organ directions are based on facing south). this is the shore line of California, what happens here. Great volcanic action as the plates of the earths crust are submerged here, this submerging action carries ocean water under the surface and volcanic action brings fire back up... this is very much like the action of the ming men. The very essence of life, the darkest most nutrient earth is brought up at this place. This is one possibility, another that also fits with this idea is that the ming men fire is situated between the Kidneys, in this case I think this fire is at Yellowstone, between the two oceans. Certain there is a very yang aspect of water here that is nourished by a deep volcanic action.

More on the other organs latter...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

On the practice of being an acupucturist in clinic verses being a patient

There is a profound difference between being a practitioner in the clinic and being a patient. This is of course obvious. One of the principal differences is what we aim to experience or feel while in clinic. My aim as a practitioner is for it to be an entirely common experience.. at least to a certain degree, I want the work I do to be as natural and easy a doing the dishes at home. To me this is an indicator of a much higher level of mastery, then being some sort of zen master, it takes a lot of study for things to come across as natural then for them to come across as overly stoic, serious and zen.
For the Patient the experience I hope for is one of relaxation and ease... No necessarily overly zen, but relaxed like it is when talking with a friend or an acquaintance. I hope as well that patients come out feeling like they have received a fair service for the amount that they have spent, and that they have received a professional treatment. Meaning a rather comfortable treatment that is also knowledgeable. It is also my hope that patients will start taking herbs, and following dietary instructions that I give. In other words, I hope patients will participate in the process of getting well, and that acupuncture and herbalism becomes more of a natural aspect of peoples lives.